Looker Implementation

Want to ace your Looker rollout?

Streamline your Looker implementation with expert technical and organizational guidance from a BI veteran and Looker expert.

I’ve implemented and managed Looker at several businesses including Looker itself. My technical proficiency, commitment to quality, and strong communication skills ensure that your organization receives tailored Looker environment with minimal technical complexity.

My collaborative approach, emphasis on teaching and enabling data consumers, and focus on data governance make me a reliable partner for empowering data-driven decision-making and maximizing the value of Looker for your business.

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LookML Design and Development

Getting Looker right requires empathy for business users. I’ll help you understand future usage patterns and identify the type of questions that Looker users will ask. From there, I’ll help you design a model that answers the broadest range of data requests with the least technical complexity.

Developer and User Training

I’ll ensures that technical users within organizations understand the strengths and limitations of LookML so that you get it right the first time and maintain sustainable coding practices.  I strive to help businesses maximize self-service adoption by educating end users about the reporting UI.

Data Governance and Compliance

Rest assured that your Looker implementation and LookML model will be designed to maintain data integrity and compliance. I can help you set up access controls and the row level and column level provisioning that is essential organizations dealing with sensitive or regulated data.

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Andrew Searson, Your Looker Consulting Partner

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I am an expert Looker consultant with a track record of delivering state-of-the-art data infrastructure. I’ve also led BI and Analytics teams for the last decade.

  • Head of Analytics (Looker Sales) @ Google
  • Head of Internal Analytics @ Looker
  • Director of Business Intelligence @ DigitalTrends
There’s no replacing the Department of Customer Love but I’m here to help my clients